Proprietor in AmpimEx
Brief info

Mr. Amol Patil, Proprietor in AmpimEx is a Master in Pharmacy from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy and MBA in International Business Management (Export & Import) from Pune University. He has wide knowledge of Exporting of Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals products along with other Indian origin products. His motive is to do EXIM Business as a Social Activity by making whole world a trading platform. More than 9 years of experience in Export & Import, helps him guiding & giving assurance of good quality products by delighting customers globally. He has a immense intelligence which he use in finding alternatives and ways in his odd times.

He is Founder for Mala Medix HealthCare Engineering Pvt Ltd: A recognized start up by Govt. of India. He is successful in making the one stop Online Digital Platform for Patient, Doctors and Pharmacist to maintain & access all the Health Data & History all over the world. With deep knowledge of Pharmaceutical & Surgical products, he has started Malan Medico & Distributor where the service line is s whole-selling and supplying all the surgical equipments all over India.
Apart from Aadip Exim & Mala Medix, he also holds a position of CEO of Farm to Foreign Producer Company, by having goal of making our farmers skilled and oriented in the Export Market. Being very practical, Down to Earth, Respectful Person, he has set an example of success through his teamwork.