India positions first in banana production & exports. Banana is a rich wellspring of starch and is plentiful in nutrients especially nutrient B. It is also a decent wellspring of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

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  • Quality & Characteristics: Sweet-banana skins are most regularly known to be yellow. Banana is a well known fruit because of its low cost and high nutritive worth. The length of the natural product is 15-20 cm and bigness are 12 cm with thick fruit skin. It is burned-through in new or cooked structure both as ready and crude natural product. The fruit is not difficult to process, liberated from fat and cholesterol.
  • Varieties: Dwarf Cavendish, Robusta, Monthan, Poovan, Nendran, Red banana, Nyali, Safed Velchi, Basrai, Ardhapuri, Rasthali, Karpurvalli, Karthali and Grand Naine etc.
  • Season: We can supply throughout the year



Additional information

Shelf Life

2-7 Days, In the cold storage, bananas are stored at 13-14°C with 90-95% relative humidity., Refrigerator: 2-9 Days, Under controlled atmospheric conditions Mature-green bananas can be stored for up to 3 weeks in ethylene-free air or up to 6 weeks in a controlled O atmosphere at 14 C.

Packaging Size

13 Kg, 7kg

Quality Available

A Grade

Packaging Type


Load Ability

24 Metric Tons 40'X1FCL, Net Weight 13 Metric Tons 20'X1FCL


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