Bitter gourd (Momordica chianti) is an important vegetable crop grown for its immature tuberculate fruits which have a unique bitter taste. Fruits are considered as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Bitter gourd is a great source of several nutrients.

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  • Quality & characteristics: -Fruits short, spindle shaped, green colored with smooth regular ribs and moderate bitterness. Bitter Gourds are Green in color, narrow and pointed ends and 20 to 30 cm long.
  • Varieties: – Arka Harit, Pusa Vishesh, Pusa Do Mausami, Pusa Hybrid 1, Priya (VK1), Preethi (MC 4), Priyanka, CO.1, Coimbatore Long Green, MDU.1, Coimbatore Long White, COBgH 1, Konkan Tara, Punjab 14, Kalyanpur Baramasi, MPKV, Rahuri, Hirkani, Phule Green
  • Season: -we can supply you in January-March, September-December


Additional information

Packaging Type

Box, Crate, HDPE, Plastic Bottles., Polyethene

Packaging Size

10kg, 20kg, 5kg

Shelf Life

4-5 Days


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