Dill is a yearly spice in the celery family Apiaceae. It is the solitary species in the class Anethum. Its leaves and seeds are utilized as a spice or zest for enhancing food. Dill leaves are low in calories and high in supplements.

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  • Quality & characteristics: Dill is a fragrant plant with an erect growing property. It presents expanding stems and fine, delicate, fiber-like leaves which are organized into an open cone. It has Blueish green color.
  • Season: -We can supply through-out the year
  • Varieties: – Mammoth, Bouquet, Fernleaf, Dukat, Green Sleeves, Ella, Monia



Additional information

Packaging Type

Carton box, Plastic bag

Packaging Size

10kg, 20kg

Shelf Life

2 months in cold storage


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