Guavas are plentiful in numerous nutrients, minerals, and supplements. Guava contains a cell reinforcement nutrient E. Guava is an evergreen shrub, magnificent tropical normal fruit, high in supplement C, and an extraordinary wellspring of dietary fiber.

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  • Quality & Characteristics: The fruit is oval in shape and green to yellow in color.
  • Varieties: Anakapalli, Banarasi, Bangalore, Chittidar, Hafshi, Nagpur Seedless, Smooth Green
  • Season: We can supply throughout the year

Additional information

Shelf Life

In cold storage, the fruit can maintain quality for up to 15 days at 8-10°C.

Packaging Type

CFB Carton Box

Packaging Size

3Kg, 5kg, Customized

Quality Available

A Grade

Load Ability

24 Metric Tons 40'X1FCL, Net Weight 15 Metric Tons 20'X1FCL


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