Chilli is the product of plants from the variety Capsicum which are individuals from the family, Solanaceae. Asia produces 65.8% of world green chillies and pepper and stands at the top. we locate that the region and creation of green. Chilies and peppers in India are practically consistent for as long as three years.

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  • Quality & characteristics: – The chilli fruit is empty with numerous seeds. Pungency varies in different varieties. Red Chillies get their colour from a coloring compound called capsanthin and have a hot, pungent taste due to a substance called capsaicin. Chillies are available in Green, orange, white, yellow, red color, Short and squatty to long, thin and tapered in shape and 7.5 to 10 cm in size.
  • Varieties: – Agni Rekha, Volcano, Tapan, Savitri, Bela, NS991, Balwant, Green Wonder, CCS-I
  • Season: – It is available in July-October, October-march



Additional information

Load Ability

14-15 Mt per 20 ft container

Shelf Life

2-3 weeks in cold storage

Packaging Size

10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg, 5kg

Packaging Type

Carton, CFB boxes, PP


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