Ginger is being developed in India for both as new vegetable and as a dried zest, the all out creation of the nation is 385.33 thousand tons. India is the World’s second largest producer of Ginger.

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  • Quality & Characteristics: Ginger is a herbaceous plant up to 90 cm with horizontal rhizome, leaves linear – lanceolate 18-28 cm long, sessile, acuminate. Peduncle of 15 to 25 cm; ellipsoid spikes of 4 to 6 cm; egg-shaped suborbicular bracts, hairy; purple corolla, tube of 2 cm. Capsules of 3 valves, opening irregularly.
  • Variety: Rio-de- Janeiro, Thingpui, Wynad, Maran, Nadia, Suprabha, Suruchi, Surabhi, Himigiry, IISR-Rejatha, IISR-Mahima, IISR-Varada, Manantoddy.
  • Season: May with the receipt of pre- monsoon showers, advance during the middle of February or early March.




Additional information

Load Ability

More than 1000 bags in 40’ container

Packaging Size

10kg, 20kg, 7kg

Packaging Type

Mash beg

Shelf Life

90 days


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