The “Lemon” has an assortment of uses and is developed all through the country. Nonetheless, the Commercial production of lemons happens in our region. India is the biggest producer of Lemons on the planet. Lemons are straightforwardly reaped and stuffed from ranches and are efficient for cleanly pressing frameworks to guarantee of protection from outside pollutions and increment the timeframe of realistic usability & shelf life.

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  • Quality & Characteristics: A Grade weight graded as small below 100 g, Super A grade medium above 100 gms.
  • Varity: Indian Lemon (Indian Acid Lime) Assam Nimbus/ Nemu Tenga, Lisbon, Sweet Lemon/Lime, Genoa, Rough Lemon, Nepali Oblong/ Pat Nebu, Villafranca, Nepali Round.
  • Season: can be ship whole year



Additional information

Load Ability

2450 Cartons in one 40 HR container

Packaging Size


Packaging Type

Packed in Multi color carton

Shelf Life

60 Days with cold storage


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